Cream of Broccoli Soup


20 min


6-8 servings
“This soup is a great way to “get your veggies in.” It is my dads favorite soup so I have made it quite often. This reminds me of going to Bennigan’s in Kendall when I was growing up. “


2  head  Broccoli, rough chop

1 ea  Celery stalk, rough chopped

1 ea  White onion, halved

10-12 ea  Garlic clove, rough chopped

3 quart  Chicken stock or broth

1 cup  Heavy cream


  1. Bring 3 qt water to a boil. Juice a whole lemon and add to the water.  Add the shrimp and cook for 2-3 minutes (until the water starts to boil again or shrimp turns pink).
  2. Remove the shrimp and add to an ice-water bath to stop the cooking. (Do not let the shrimp sit in water more than 4 minutes or will get too much water absorbed making the shrimp too stiff)
  3. Remove shrimp from water bath and set aside.
  4. Be sure to cut the fresh conch into small diced pieces or (Maybe you local fish guy can tenderize) you will have to tenderize the crustacean yourself with a fork.
  5. Slice the snapper into poke or small diced pieces.
  6. Add the conch, snapper and shrimp into a large mixing bowl, add the lemon, lime, orange, olive oil, peppers, tomato and red onions.
  7. Season with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper.
  8. Top with pickled onions.
  9. Add aji Amarillo sauce if desired to make more Peruvian.

Chef's Tips

Finishing this soup with fresh grated white cheddar instead of store bought makes a huge difference.

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